At Rhodeside Auto-Tune, we are here to help you.

Our mechanical repair centre offers top-quality solutions for all your automotive needs. Our team is able to assist with vehicle services ranging from engine repairs to routine maintenance. Trust our skilled technicians to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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Rhodeside offers a family run business with 4 highly qualified & licensed technicians with over 40+ years experience working on all aspects of your vehicle requirements. We are able to carry out complete servicing of your vehicle & inspections to a full engine rebuild/upgrade & Dyno Tune.

Rhodeside Auto Tune are Toyota and Lexus specialists however we are just as proficient at providing a full range of services and repairs to all makes & models. This includes logbook servicing, gearbox & differential repairs, air conditioning service and repairs, as well as Dyno Tuning.

Our knowledge of servicing and repairs on diesel vehicles is extensive and not limited to Toyota’s. We offer diesel services ranging from specialised tuning with the Dyno to major overhauls including differential & transmission rebuilds and problem diagnosis.

At Rhodeside we have ARC Licensed Air Conditioning Technicians that can service, repair & pressure test your aircon system to ensure it is working at optimum efficiency, using the latest diagnostic equipment. ARC License AU02941

Yes, we can diagnose using the latest diagnostic & troubleshooting equipment. This allows us to inform clients about a potential problem and provide the necessary repairs to minimise downtime.

We have an in-house Dyno for the diagnosis of those persistent and difficult problems.

We provide a full range of Dyno Tuning Services using the latest Dyno Dynamics Dyno. Our Dyno allows us to recreate on-road conditions in the workshop, so we can road-test your upgraded tuning without ever needing to leave the premises.

There are many potential problems that could lead to your car not starting. They could be more simple issues like your battery or spark plugs, or more complex issues like electrical wiring or engine problems. In this situation, we advise that you contact our team of expert mechanics so that they can diagnose