2019-04-03 19:55:32

Do you want more power for your Ford Ranger or Mazda?

Do you have a Ford Ranger PX2 or Mazda BT50? Do you want more power? We have the solution for you, performance chip installations are becoming more & more popular on these vehicles and we are getting fantastic results.[gallery size="large" ids="25568,25570"]
2019-04-03 19:50:23

Who wants more power and torque for their Nissan Navara ?

Who owns a Nissan Navara and wants more power and torque? We fitted and tuned a performance chip to this 2013 2.5L D40 Nissan Navara last week and the customer is over the moon! From a stock 91.6kw at the wheels to a healthy gain to 129.2kws and with 200nm of torque gain, will be helping with towing and overtaking. If...
2019-04-03 19:42:47

Ford Falcon making a healthy 162kws

At Rhodeside Auto Tune we also do VCM Suites suitable for Fords and Holden. The vehicle on the Dyno is a Falcon we did a few weeks ago for a very happy client – made a healthy 162kws.[gallery size="large" ids="25557"]
2019-04-03 19:41:18

Tuning a Toyota Landcruiser VDJ78

Just after Australia Day 2019, we have had a Toyota Landcruiser VDJ78 making 165.2kw from a standard 115kw with 550nm up from 350nm and only running 18psi. Fitting a performance tuning chip with 5 maps select switch from. Give us a call today on 08 9457 1776[gallery size="large" ids="25594"]