How does Unichip increase performance?

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For more immediate information on this unique product and how Unichip increases the performance of your vehicle continue reading.

What is Unichip?

Unichip is a state-of-the-art, fully functional computer that works together with your Engine Control Unit (ECU). Its overall role can be summed up as ensuring that the performance of your vehicle is boosted to its optimum and that your engine runs in the most cost-effective manner possible.

This piece of technology when correctly installed by professionals who hold authorised Unichip dealer status will allow you to set the most ideal parameters for the vital functions of your engine. It allows for complete control over the functions of the majority of electronically controlled vehicles, whether they are petrol or diesel. What’s more, with 5 Map capabilities you can get a custom tune that meets your specific requirements including:

  • High Octane map
  • Low Octane map
  • High Boost map
  • Low Boost Map
  • Towing Map
  • Economy map
  • Immobiliser map

How does Unichip work?

As previously mentioned, once Unichip has been added to the engine it can be tuned in such a manner that ensures maximum safety in terms of power when at full throttle and optimum fuel consumption when operating at part throttle. The ability to set the parameters means that it can be tuned to suit a variety of throttle and RPM conditions. Apart from controlling timing and mixture Unichip can also perform a host of their functions including the following:

  • Idling control
  • Drive extra injectors
  • Perform various forms of boost control
  • Launch control
  • Disable the majority of road-speed governors

With regards to connections, Unichip gets wired into your existing ECU harness. However, if the Unichip is removed your engine will then revert to its previous parameters and functioning.

How does Unichip increase performance?

If you’re looking to maximise the performance of your vehicle your engine needs to achieve optimum timing and the most ideal air-to-fuel ration at all RPM and load conditions. Unichip allows professional Unichip programmers to adjust all the necessary parameter to make this happen, and they are able to do so, if required, in real time on a chassis dynamometer.

In terms of increases in power output, Unichip achieves between 10kw and 30kw on average. However, it is true that on occasion power increases of up to 50kw have also been achieved. The increase in power will depend largely on the design of the engine as well as its condition and the default parameters on the ECU.

When it comes to economic fuel consumption, Unichip is also uniquely adept at improving this function. This is because it allows for the precise adjustment of the air-fuel ratio and timing during engine operation for maximum fuel economy. This applies to both light throttle and maximum power at full throttle.

Unichip vs other performance chips

Unichip’s popularity across the globe has been achieved because of the superior results it offers. A primary driver behind this success is that it is compatible with most engines meaning that even new model vehicles can usually be optimised whereas it might take time for alternative chipping methods or serial downloads.

Furthermore, these alternatives are not capable of offering the choice between different maps that Unichip offers. In addition to this, Unichip can be programmed in real time whereas substitutes cannot, and are usually just programs that are downloaded to the ECU.

Unichip offers an original optimised map system that caters specifically to your vehicle’s requirements.

I’m interested in Unichip

If your interest in optimising your vehicle’s performance has been piqued, we recommend seeking the services of professionals and authorised Unichip dealers. Rhodeside Auto Tune is an authorised Unichip dealer with expert Unichip tuners who are adept at carrying out Unichip installation. For more information or to schedule your appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us today.